Your first draft is complete. But how do you get your book ready for publication?

Join expert editor and book coach, Jennie Nash, as she guides you through the process of turning your manuscript from good to great.

Nobody’s first draft is perfect. Even though I’ve written over thirty novels and like to think I’ve figured out how to finish a story without too many rewrites, there’s no way I’d let one of my books go out without being scrupulously edited — first by me and then by a professional.

Jennie Nash is one such professional. An editing expert, writing coach and founder of Author Accelerator, Jennie gets to see a lot of what writers do right and wrong. From narrative mistakes to undeveloped characters to grammatical errors, she’s seen it all — more importantly, she knows how to identify and fix them.

Don’t send out your story half-finished. We all love the books we write, but if our stories aren’t airtight and our manuscripts are littered with logic problems, our readers won’t be impressed.

It’s time to put your editing cap on. Sign up and turn your book from good to great.

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From Writer to Editor

The time for writing is over. Now you need to adopt an editor’s mindset.

Creating a Model of Your Novel

It’s time to break your book down to its basics. What is your story really about?

Prioritising Your Problems

Learn the Stoplight Method and prioritise your book’s problems into red, yellow and green light issues.

Executing the Fixes

Get your toolkit ready! Here we fix the narrative issues plaguing your manuscript.

Polishing Your Story

Your story is in great shape — now you get to make it shine. Eliminate typos and write sensational sentences.

Get Your Book Ready to Publish

Your book is almost ready for readers... but let’s show it to some beta readers and editing experts first.

A Word from the Course Creator: JENNIE NASH

Most writers dread revision because it can seem so overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you focus on? How do you know you're not making things worse? The secret to revision is to use a reliable method of measuring what is working - and what is not. In this course, I teach you a revision method I have used to help hundreds of writers take their book from good to great.

Jennie Nash, CEO of Author Accelerator, has trained more than 75 book coaches to help writers write their best books.


Stop Thinking Like A Writer!

Session 1 Your Mindset

Session 2 The One Page Book Summary

Session 3 The Stoplight Method

Build a Model of Your Novel

Session 1 What is the Inside Outline?

Session 2 Inside Outline Examples

Session 3 Inside Outline Case Studies

Session 4 Build Your Own Inside Outline

Prioritise Your Problems

Session 1 Analyse Your Inside Outline

Session 2 The Ten Question Checklist Examples

Session 3 Revision Process:
James Blatch, The Last Flight

Session 4 Inside Outline:
James Blatch, The Last Flight

Session 5 Character Inside Outlines:
James Blatch, The Last Flight

Session 6 Green Light Issues:
James Blatch, The Last Flight

Session 7 Red Light Issues

Execute the Fixes

Session 1 Stoplight Issue Fixes

Session 2 Revision Planning Tool

Session 3 Revision Project Planning Tool

Polish Your Story

Session 1 Prepare to Polish

How Do You Know When Your Book is Ready to Publish?

Session 1 Gut Check

Session 2 Beta Readers

Session 3 Professional Input

Session 4 Final Manuscript Example

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